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Gwynedd Council Takes Advantage of Collaborative Procurement for Schools

9th SEPTEMBER 2009, LONDON, UK - Procserve, a leading provider of collaborative procurement and electronic trading solutions, today announced that Gwynedd Council, a Welsh Local Authority, has embarked on a major long-term programme to increase the use of electronic procurement throughout the authority, by piloting xchangewales eTrading for Schools, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government.

xchangewales eTrading for Schools is an online service that allows individual schools to select value for money goods and services from a range of electronic catalogues through a secure, simple ordering portal, which can be integrated with existing schools' finance management systems. Procserve was appointed by the Welsh Assembly Government to deliver this key part of the eProcurement platform for the xchangewales programme.

One of the main objectives for Gwynedd Council is to introduce eProcurement into the county's 120 schools, who currently buy goods and services in a variety of ways including manual paper ordering. The initial pilot at two secondary and six primary schools was completed in March 2009. Implementation to all secondary schools in Gwynedd concluded in July 2009, and the remaining 100 primary schools will be coming on board throughout the rest of this year.

Nicola Day, Corporate Procurement Manager for Gwynedd Council is driving the push for process efficiency savings through eProcurement believes that this programme will have a positive impact and will support a reduction in their - and individual school's - education purchasing bill. "Our job is to show head teachers and others that the xchangewales eTrading for Schools system can provide them with easy access to local, regional and national suppliers which will reduce administration, allow staff to concentrate on priorities and save money in their budget."

Veera Johnson, Chief Executive of Procserve, said; "The pilot with Gwynedd Council and their schools further cements our passion for making xchangewales eTrading for Schools available to schools and suppliers across Wales. It is a bold and exciting initiative that we believe will deliver efficiencies back to the schools and local authorities."

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Cora Byrne, Procserve
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E: cora.byrne@procserve.com

About Gwynedd Council
Gwynedd Council is the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd, one of the subdivisions of Wales within the United Kingdom. For more information, please visitwww.gwynedd.gov.uk

About xchangewales
xchangewales is a ground breaking programme that allows all public sector organisations in Wales to source, tender, evaluate, order and pay for goods and services at a click of a button. The electronic tools and web-based services help to improve efficiency, increase productivity and lower the cost of doing business. For more information, please visit http://www.xchangewales.co.uk..

About Procserve
Procserve provides fast, flexible and secure electronic marketplaces and trading connectivity solutions. Procserve's hosted, custom-branded solutions provide customers with the unique ability to leverage a software-as-a-service solution and maintain their own uniquely branded and configured marketplace. Customers enjoy a faster solution set up, lower cost of maintenance, and a secure environment. Procserve also delivers OPEN and xchangewales, which are underpinned by the Zanzibar system on behalf of the UK Public Sector. For more information, please visit http://www.procserve.com

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