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Met Police goes live with NPIA online procurement system from Procserve

The UK’s largest police force transforms its procurement to get greater visibility and control on spend

London, 26 July 2012: The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the biggest police force in the country, has gone live with the National Police Procurement Hub (NPPH) an electronic marketplace being rolled out by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).

The NPPH is an “Amazon-Style” online procurement system created by Procserve, a leader in enabling secure transactions online, that provides forces in England and Wales with a more efficient system for selecting and purchasing a broad range of approved goods and services online such as IT, stationery, body armour and vehicles.

The Metropolitan Police Service follows Kent and Suffolk police forces which have also recently adopted the NPPH, and there are a further 23 forces are working towards being connected. Almost all forces in England and Wales are expected to be using Procserve’s technology by spring 2013.

The Procserve platform is set to save the police service £69 million over the next six years by supporting collaborative working across multiple forces and reducing the cost of purchases by harnessing the buying power of the police service and managing suppliers better. In particular, forces will benefit from:

  • Greater visibility and control over what is being spent, ensuring forces are buying goods and services consistently and at the best possible price.
  • The ability to buy from the right contract at the agreed price.
  • Contracts staff potentially being freed up to work where they are most needed as more of the process is conducted online.
  • Having access to specialised products and services that are Police or blue light emergency service specific, such as riot equipment, as well as all of the government contracts and frameworks managed by the Government Procurement Service.

To date, some 4,800 orders have been placed through the NPPH at a value of over £3.6 million. Overall, there are over 900 suppliers on the Hub and over 600 of these have a catalogue.

Ian Currie, Head of Commercial at the NPIA, said “It’s great to see more and more forces using this hugely beneficial service. The police service is committed to delivering significant savings from better procurement. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that those charged with buying goods and services have fast and direct access to this simple online purchasing system to access best value products and services.”

Lee Tribe, Director of Procurement for MPS commented “The MPS have delivered a remarkable achievement in going live with the Hub in five months from a standing start. I am delighted with the support we have received from NPIA and the programme team there who have worked closely with us in making this happen. The benefits for our suppliers in automating the ordering process will enable them to avoid re-keying MPS orders into their sales systems and speed up the end to end process. Users within MPS have access to a greater variety of products and services and faster delivery times.”

Established in 2006 to develop and run the Government eMarketplace, Procserve’s secure networks are today used by over 25,000 public and private sector organisations to buy, sell and share information within online communities. The secure nature of its technology and proven ability to assist the redistribution of back office resources to frontline services is benefitting police forces throughout England and Wales, and hundreds of organisations from local government, NHS and Education.

“Having the largest police force in the UK go live on the Hub is a major milestone and testament to the benefits it is delivering across police forces. Through the Hub, the NPIA is enabling police forces in England and Wales to achieve significant cost and time savings that mean resources can be redeployed to where they are needed most. We are extremely proud of the central role Procserve's technology is playing in modernising the process and reducing costs,” explained Nigel Clifford, CEO, Procserve.

David Horne, the project’s Senior Responsible Owner, and former Chair of ACPO’s Procurement Portfolio said, “In these financially challenging times it is essential that we take every opportunity to maintain services whilst reducing costs. We are therefore delighted that the Hub continues to be so well received by forces and suppliers. The Hub is a big step forward for the Police Service which is helping forces deliver yet more savings and provide better support for the service’s operational requirements.”

The NPPH project forms part of the Information Systems Improvement Strategy (ISIS), a programme for the police service that is using IT to improve efficiency. This will release savings and deliver operational improvements across policing and into the wider criminal justice system.

About Procserve
Procserve is a leader in enabling secure transactions online and powers one of the most trusted and secure commerce networks in the World. Established in 2006 to underpin the UK Government’s ecommerce strategy, today the company’s networks are used by more than 25,000 public and private sector organisations to buy, sell and share information within virtual communities. Procserve provides the only accredited platform trusted by the Police, NHS and Her Majesty’s Government to deliver their transactions securely within the cloud

About the National Police Procurement Hub

  • This ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) endorsed initiative is being delivered by the NPIA in partnership with Procserve Ltd, a company which provides electronic procurement products.
  • Initial set up of the National Police Procurement Hub was funded by the NPIA. Forces started paying a subscription to use the Hub at the start of the financial year 2012/2013.
  • The 13 forces using the Hub are: The Metropolitan Police Service, Lincolnshire, West Mercia, Thames Valley, Greater Manchester Police, Kent, Durham, Gloucestershire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Dyfed Powys, Gwent and South Wales.

For more information, please contact:

Sam Grace
0207 932 5585

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by Procserve

Procserve is a leader in enabling secure transactions online and powers one of the most trusted and secure commerce networks in the world.
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